Closing Technology

To complete the high-quality appearance of your packaging, we offer different closing possibilities. All depending on your requirements on tightness, customer convenience, look-and-feel or cost effectiveness.

Basically any kind of sealable membrane can be used to close the container after the filling process. It is possible to seal it in the container, but it is also possible to seal on top of the container on a pre-flattened top curl. Peelable or not peelable, that’s up to you. Furthermore, recloseable or dosing devices made of PE or PP can be applied, which offers the end customer great convenience during usage of your product.

Additonaly HÖRAUF offers a paper lid machine enabling you to produce various shaped lids suitable to your packaging.

Reclosable device
PE/ PP recloseable device applied directly to the paperboard
PE/ PP ring applied for various options
Aluminium membrane sealed on a flattened top curl
Paperlid by HÖRAUF, various shapes and styles are possible (e.g. print, embossing, etc.)