Customized solutions straight from the reel or from the blank



InlineCan: In-house production of your paperboard can.

InlineCan - is a partnership between two packaging experts HÖRAUF and OPTIMA, providing you the machine technology to produce your straight-walled packaging in-house and in-line.

You can produce straight-walled paperboard cans in-house instead of using pre-fabricated packages, which are costly to transport and to store. With this system, you produce your packages yourself, which offers you advantages in terms of: Environment, differentiation, quality, product flexibility and costs!

Your advantages with in-house and in-line production:
  • Extreme reduction of warehousing costs: The space you needed to store 1.000 pre-fabricated cans, is now equal to the space you need for two reels of paperboard or one pallet of blanks, which is sufficient for as many as 30.000 cans.
  • Reduction of transportation costs.
  • No handling of pallets with pre-fabricated packages and risk of damage losses.
  • Inhouse quality control from blank to finished product.


It is getting more and more important to create a unique product experience and to make your product stand out at the point of sale. Most of the customers are deciding right in front of the shelf what they are going to purchase.

A paper based packaging meets current trends of healthy and natural impressions and underlines that the brand has understood the necessity for sustain-able resources and to protect our environment.

For all kind of products ...

snacks ...
snacks ...
coffee beans ...
coffee beans ...
powders ...
powders ...
confectionery and non-food products.
confectionery and non-food products.



We design our equipment in close cooperation with material suppliers and printing houses. 
This guarantees a perfectly harmonized system. Therefore you achive high-quality packages in terms of apperance, tightness and form stability.

A qualified validated material supplier is STORA ENSO one of the worlds largest producer for paperboard.

STORA ENSO offers a versatile selection of high-barrier paperboards, that meet your required properties and run perfectly on the HÖRAUF equipment.