HÖRAUF - the art of engineering

HÖRAUF is a leading manufacturer of innovative specialty machines for the packaging industry. Superior quality and finest precision are the results of our continuous efforts and our vast experience.

With highly qualified employees, we develop the machines that manufacture the packaging innovations of tomorrow in the fields of beverage and packaging cups made of paper as well as systems for beverage and food packaging.

HÖRAUF manufactures highly dynamic machines. Technical masterpieces of performance with complex precision movements - billions of times. Through constant search for optimization, the best processes and procedures are filtered out. HÖRAUF machines tip the scales when it comes to persistence, reliability and solidity. HÖRAUF is your partner for the development of new paperbased packages with highest requirements and for all kinds of goods and foods.



It is easy to produce cans in different shapes: round, oval, rectangular, and many more.
  • Differentiate yourself with your shaped paperboard can at the point of sale.
  • By changing the tooling, you can produce different shapes using the same equipment. If you just change the height of the can, only a partial adjustment of the tool-set is required.

We offer you a broad choice of machinery which is highly customizeable. Starting with machinery for a new business, to high-end equipment for big volumes, which e.g. work from a pre-printed roll. Various accessories make you even more flexible and complete your product. 

Our machines are easy to operate and maintain. We focus on accesibility and operator friendliness. All main functions are clearly illustrated at the HMI. Tool changes are easy to perform with pre-adjusted tools. Highest tightness requirements and high efficiency can be achieved with our machine technology.
InlineCan - Edge protection application to cover the raw edge of the paperboard.
Edge protection application to cover the raw edge of the paperboard.
InlineCan - Sealing of the entire side seam.
Sealing of the entire side seam.
InlineCan - Expanding bottom sealing stations.rem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
Expanding bottom sealing stations.