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“The membrane is the key factor of the freshness of the tobacco,” says Martin Feilen, Project Manager at Japan Tobacco International, one of the leading tobacco producers worldwide. This is why he packages make-your-own tobacco in the InlineCan using the OPTIMA CFS. In addition to the large advertising space, he was particularly impressed by the high sealing tightness offered by the InlineCan – JTI uses an inductive sealing process to check whether the cans were sealed correctly. The InlineCan not only meets the high quality requirements of the tobacco industry, but also offers the desired flexibility: leaflets can be inserted or moisture-containing sponges integrated into the packaging at any time. Feilen sees this as a definite advantage.

InlineCan - Transport System
InlineCan Transport System
InlineCan - Dosing System
Dosing System
InlineCan - Edge protection application to cover the raw edge of the paperboard.
Hinged Lid Application
InlineCan - Process Flow Optima

 With kind permission of JTI

The InlineCan has also conquered the coffee market. NewCoffee, a subsidiary of Aldi Süd, uses the OPTIMA CFS for filling the high-grade organic ground coffee “COFFEE³“ into the box. Here, the machine brings its extraordinary barrier features into play, protecting the up to 800 different aromas of the coffee. The large advertising space and its unusual design makes the InlineCan a real eye-catcher on the shelves. And there is a particular advantage for consumers: with the InlineCan, they no longer any need to transfer the coffee to another container.

Inserting InlineCan into OPTIMA CFS
Einsetzen der InlineCan in OPTIMA CFS
Mahlkaffee in InlineCan
Process Overview